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Our centre has joined the (CKPL) Certified Consultant Program LEAP (Lifestyle Eating And Perfomance).
LEAP is more than a diet - it is a way of thinking about life, knowing yourself and your body's needs. The program helps people struggling  with food hypersensitivity.

At the centre you can also perform MRT - a test whose high efficiency in diagnosing food hypersensitivity has been confirmed by oral challenge tests, skin prick tests and elimination diet.

MRT test - Mediator Release Test - is an innovative method for the detection of food hypersensitivity conditions specifying the degree of response to different foods. What we eat is foreign to our body in terms of antigen   - because the immune system is "interested" in our diet. If you do not have any symptoms, it means that the reaction of the organism is non aggressive - in such a case we talk about food tolerance. If it is due to the fact that the we eat food in excessive quantity or too often, health problems occur which means that we are dealing with food intolerance.

Are you dealing with food intolerance? We'll find out by conducting MRT test.

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Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers offered by Medical Centre Orłowo are the perfect idea for a gift. Gift in the form of aesthetic medicine treatments or  physiotherapy is an excellent idea for everyone looking after their appearance and well-being.


You can choose from a selection of treatments available on the website or create your own after consulting one of your doctors. However, if you still cannot decide, select a Financial voucher for a specific amount, which allows the voucher recipient  to create their own program, or to purchase beauty products from our offer.

Vouchers are valid until the end of the current calendar year (2015).

Payment Information:  Vouchers can be purchased during visits at the New Medical Centre Orłowo or by phone on 731 505 055 In such a case, you will be asked to transfer money to a specified bank account, the gift voucher will be sent to the indicated address  within 48 hours of payment.

Bank account number:
47 2530 0008 2229 1168 0545 0001

Note: On request, the patient can receive a Gift Voucher for procedures performed by physicians of all specialties at  New Medical Centre Orłowo.



IUD GyneFix

As the only company in Tricity we offer patients the opportunity to choose a GyneFix contraceptive system.

What is GyneFix?
The GyneFix system is an intrauterine contraceptive, which is used successfully in Europe. It is available in two sizes and consists of 4 or 6 of cylindrical copper beads strung on a nylon thread, fastened to the uterus using a special applicator.

Wkładka GyneFix

The thread with copper beads float freely in the uterus, and the end of the thread is inside the vagina. No arms present in conventional inserts significantly reduces the risk of side effects. Released from the system, copper ions have spermicide effect, hinder the movement of sperm and fertilization of the ovum. GyneFix efficacy in preventing pregnancy is over 99%.

Advantages of GyneFix:
• provides effective contraceptive protection for up to 5 years
• does not contain hormones, which does not affect the menstrual cycle
• it may  used by all women, including young and nulliparous
• is well tolerated
• do not increase the risk of heavy menstrual bleeding
• after removal, fertility returns rapidly.

 Who can apply GyneFix?

GyneFix is ​​designed for women interested in long-term contraception, especially those who have a contraindication to hormonal preparations. Unlike other Copper-releasing intrauterine devices GyneFix can be worn in young women over 18 years of age, as well as in patients with heavy monthly bleeding and fibroids. The insert can also be used by women who smoke cigarettes, with tendency to thrombosis, diabetes and high blood pressure. The sphere does not  cause depression, decrease in libido, migraine headache, and weight gain. GyneFix IUD does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (i. a. HIV). Women who are not in a stable relationship should additionally use condoms.

When is GyneFix applied?

The GyneFix system is best applied in the last days of menstruation, when the mouth of the cervical canal is open. After  birth, the insert can be applied after 3 months at the earliest. Having applied  the system tampons should not be used  or have sex for one week. After the next menstruation, the patient should attend a check - up visit to verify the location of the IUD by the gynecologist who inserted it. GyneFix can be removed at any time, fertility returns in the next menstrual cycle.

Does it hurt to insert GyneFix?

As you insert GyneFix into the uterine cavity you may experience pain, which depends on the degree of  pain threshold. Most patients tolerate the procedure well. The IUD is inserted in lignocaine local anesthetic . An hour before inserting the IUD, the patient is asked  to take a painkiller pill.

GyneFix contraindications

Contraindication to inserting GyneFix system include allergic to copper, inflammation of the vagina, pelvic inflammation, unexplained vaginal bleeding, abnormal cervical cytology, defects in the structure of the uterus, uterine abnormalities.

GyneFix side effects

Before the body gets accustomed to GyneFix, the first few days after insertion,  spotting, vaginal bleeding and slight discomfort in the lower abdomen might occur, which will gradually disappear. The first period with GyneFix might be more abundant than usual.  This symptom usually disappear during the next menstrual cycles. There is a slight risk of  the IUD falling out. In such a case, you should contact your gynecologist immediately.

Will the partner feel discomfort during intercourse?

After GyneFix insertion you should abstain from sexual intercourse for seven days. After this time the partner shouldn't feel any discomfort, but if that happens, then the nylon thread located in the vagina can be shortened. The required laboratory investigations before inserting GyneFix Prior to inserting GyneFix, it is necessary to attend a medical consultation including a gynecological examination and ultrasonography of the reproductive organ performed by a gynecologist, who will insert the IUD, in order to exclude contraindications. The patient must have a cervical cytology result (valid up to 6 months).

* Information obtained from the manufacturer's website -

Lip and Eyelid

Phenol peeling, designed to remove deep wrinkles, which enables to obtain excellent results reducing wrinkles and skin renewal lasting up to 10 years after treatment!


  • deep wrinkles
  • aging of mouth area
  • aging of eye area


  • it allows to obtain excellent effects reducing wrinkles and skin renewal lasting up to 10 years after treatment
  • the effects are uncomparable with other peelings, lasers, dermabrasion
  • only one treatment is required
  • no special requirements or skin conditions before performing deep peeling is required
  • phenol peeling can improve the appearance of acne scars and almost all hyperpigmentation skin diseases
  • no restrictions on the types of skin
  • no age restrictions


Additional information

To obtain optimal and long-lasting effect after peeling, use carefully selected SKIN TECH medical cosmetics in your daily skin care routine.

NOTE: Using this peeling, however, excludes the patient from everyday life routine for a period of 6-8 days.

* Information obtained from the manufacturer's website


Easy Phen Light

Phenol peeling, designed to remove the signs of mature skin aging.

• signs of  mature skin aging
• deep wrinkles
• deep discoloration
• signs of  eye and mouth area aging

Therapeutic effect

Before treatment                        after treatment

Additional information
To obtain optimal and long-lasting effect after peeling, use carefully selected SKIN TECH medical cosmetics in your daily skin care routine.
Using this peeling, however, excludes the patient from everyday life routine for a period of 6 days.

* Information obtained from the manufacturer's website


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