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New Medical Centre Orłowo

At the New Medical Centre Orłowo, the patient is the most important, which is why our motto is  "You are in good hands here!" At the Centre patients may benefit from numerous medical services in the field of gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, endocrinology and oncology. Patients also have at their disposal: midwives.

We always offer our patients medical solutions and  methods of treatment that  put  them and their well-being first, providing them with maximum comfort and safety.

You are in good hands here...

At the New Medical Centre Orłowo, we adhere to standards, we train our medical staff and introduce the latest methods of treatment. If necessary, we consult our patients' medical condition with renowned doctors of other specialties.

The centre is equipped with the most cutting - edge equipment, including 4D Ultrasound Voluson E8.

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